Pragmatic Leadership: Simulation and Modular Training Platform for Leaders

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Why Pragmatic Leadership is Engaging and Effective

Pragmatic leadership provides micro-learning modules on mobile devices. Example video by Samuel Bacharach
via microlearning modules

Bite-sized mobile modules, including videos, notes, and quizzes, are accessible anytime and anywhere.

Pragmatic leadership provides simulation games on mobile devices for competency practice, engagement, and retention
through simulation games

Simulations provide realistic practices of competencies and skills and drive learning engagement and retention.

Pragmatic leadership provides assessment dashboard and personalized feedback based on analytics
with personalized feedback

Real-time learning analytics and personalized feedback enable internalization of competencies.

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Why Pragmatic Leadership is Important for Organizations

To execute ideas and deliver real impact in the organization, leaders need pragmatic skills. The Pragmatic Leadership framework is based on Samuel B. Bacharach’s 40+ years of research at Cornell and develops leaders’ pragmatic leadership competencies, showing real impact to the organization.

Core competencies

Pragmatic Leadership Contextual Competence


Understand external and internal challenges and make sense of the context

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Pragmatic Leadership Ideation Competence


Establish direction and lead from divergent thinking to prototypes

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Pragmatic Leadership Political Competence


Mobilizing the support necessary to overcome resistance and get stakeholder buy-ins

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Pragmatic Leadership Managerial Competence


Engaging, coaching, and managing teams to deliver results

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Why Train with Mobile Simulation Game?

Research shows that people spend 43% of their mobile app time on games, and simulation practice can triple learning retention from 20% to 75%. This is why we use mobile simulation games to enhance your leadership training.

Pragmatic Leadership customizable simulation game on mobile device for corporate training

Mobile simulation game...

Drives Learner Engagement

Immersive game-based simulation boosts learner engagement

Increases Learning Retention

Active practice of modular skills in the simulation makes learning stick

Measures ROI through Analytics

Learning analytics help assess capabilities and measure ROI

  • “They clearly understand the core issues around leadership, change, and innovation and know how to partner with HR and the businesses.”

    ― EVP of HR, Major Telecom Company in US

  • “The game was engaging and well thought out. I learned a tremendous amount understanding stakeholder’s agendas and will keep those in mind as we plan our strategy.”

    ― AVP of Learning and Development, Top Financial Firm in New York

  • “I really like the content and (story) setting… I like that it's done in small chunks so it's easy to play, say, on my lunch break. And I actually started working on applying some of the principles already.”

    ― Sr. Manager, Global e-commerce company