The Pragmatic Leadership™ Offering

Off-the-shelf learning simulaitons, blended learning programs,
customized training solutions

Off-the-shelf Learning Simulations

PL offers off-the-shelf learning simulations of various leadership topics, from stakeholder engagement, coaching, to negotiation. The simulations can be hosted by PL or deployed to your LMS with seamless data transfer via xAPI.

Blended Learning Programs

PL provides blended learning programs such as intensive retreats, onsite workshops, and synchronous e-learning in which simulations will enhance the learning experience, effectiveness, and versatility for different learning styles and needs. The simulations serve as a great pre- and post-test tool and self-learning resource after class.

Customized Training Solutions

If you would like to create simulations customized to your unique L&D objectives, PL’s expert team are committed to working with you to analyze your L&D needs, identify competency gaps, and design and develop a learning simulation specifically for your learners.

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